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See Kirstie Live:

July 4th: Hillenglade Farms
(30 Hillenglade Drive, Nashville, TN)

July 10th: The Row - 7-8pm
(110 Lyle Avenue Nashville, TN 37203)

August 7th: Bobby's Idol Hour Tavern 7:40-8:20
(1028 16th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212)

August 8th: NHC Franklin 2-2:30pm 
(216 Fairground Street, Franklin, TN)

August 16th: Sidelines Bar and Grill 8:30pm
(232 Hutton Pl # 102, Ashland City, TN 37015)

August 17th: Opry Mills 4:30-5pm
(433 Opry Mills Dr, Nashville, TN 37214)

September 1: American Legion Post 233 (1pm CT)

(14633 Fort Campbell Blvd. Oak Grove, KY)

September 13: Opry Mills 2-2:30
(433 Opry Mills Dr, Nashville, TN 37214)
Buy the new "Kirstie Lane" CD now!

Buy the new "Kirstie Lane" CD now!

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 Hi.. I'm Kirstie :)  First let me say, if you are here and you are reading this.. THANK YOU! Music is my life, and it means more than anything that I get to share it with you. 
I am a songwriter first. It doesn't matter what I am doing throughout the day I am usually writing lyrics and storing them in the back of my mind.  I wrote my first song when I was 6 years old about my guinea pig. "Coca cola ooh.. you're so pretty bum bum bum.. Coca cola little ity bity bum bum bum"..  That's all I can remember, but I was SURE Shania Twain would cut it. Of course, when she didn't, I was devestated. However, as I got older I kept pushing on and writing songs.  
I grew up playing piano and a little bit of classical guitar. When I entered high school, I started pushing towards the goal of becoming the next Jimi Hendrix rock legend lead guitarist. (That didn't happen either), but I did learn a lot of neat guitar tricks.  I had never thought of myself as a "singer", always a guitarist, pianist or even a drummer (very short lived), but I still remember my guitar teacher saying "all girls can sing". From then on, I was hooked.
I am pretty much obsessed with Sheryl Crow. I just thought I'd throw that out there. 
Music has taken me all over Nashville and even to the West Coast where I toured with Montanna Soul.  One of my favorite shows, however, took place just outside of music city. It was there that I got to share the stage with one of my idols: Melanie (Brand New Key: AKA the rollarskate song). Not only is she a really great artist, but she is a wonderful person as well.  
If I am not singing, writing or doing something musical, you will find me either rollarblading, cleaning something (bc I am slight OCD) or watching some kind of animal documentary. :) 
I just finished recording five amazing songs (thanks to two of the most awesome people on this earth: Thom and Nick, you guys rock!) The songs are on my page, and I would love for you to hear them!
If you have taken the time to read all of this, you are my new best friend. Seriously, it means a lot. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. <3

"Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common."
Sarah Dessen, Just Listen