My Skydiving Adventure.. Am I really doing this?! 

         As I watch the ground get further and further away, I start to think to myself, "Is this REALLY the third time I've done this?"  Having jumped out of an airplane twice in my life, this still feels like the first time all over again: a gut renching curl in the pit of my stomach, followed by a swarm of "what ifs". A whole minute and a half of my life has been spent in freefall.. I guess compared to the billions of other minutes of my life I spent doing other things, the very short, confusing 90 seconds can seem minimal..  almost like a blurr. 12,000 feet:  3 tandems and 2 funjumpers plummet to the earth.. I watch as they hang along the edge and then quickly get sucked out into the enormous mass of wind and gravity.  14,000 feet: 2 funjumpers and then... yours truly.  As I'm staring out at the big empty sky, a feeling of surreal peace overcomes me and then 1.. 2.. 3!!  Woosh! [make a peace sign!] [stick my tongue out!] [thumbs up!] In that short minute of freefall I don't know what the hell to do. I realize that there is no turning back now.  My fate relys on the performance of a 300sq foot rainbow colored lifeline. Skydiving is like nothing else I have ever experienced.  It gives me the ultimate chance to do something that terrifies me (but I'm a singer who used to have incredible stage fright):  I'm addicted to facing my fears and getting the ultimate adrenaline rush!

         Since I was able to write this blog, you've probably figured out that my parachute did open. [Success!] We landed just in time for me to turn the bird's nest on my head into long beautiful curls and drive to the after party to sing that night (which was a blast!). Before I go, I just wanted to say thank you Chattanooga Skydiving Company for a great weekend and a fantastic experience! (and thanks to you for reading this)   :)